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The Unorganized Writer

piles of paper             I have finally faced the fact that no matter how many shelving units, file cabinets, boxes, calendars, agendas and other assorted organizational items I buy, I will always be an “organized chaos” type of person.  Every year my New Year’s Resolution is the same—“This year I will get organized!”, and every year, by January 10th, all indications and thoughts of organization are long since buried under piles upon piles of other work.


     I remember when, in the early 1990’s, I got my first PC. I just knew I would never have to sit at my desk behind stacks upon stacks of paperwork again. This new wonder machine, my computer, was going to take care of all that for me. I could throw out all my file folders and file cabinets because everything was going to be in this greatest of all inventions, the computer!  Well, we all know how that turned out!


      I know everyone of you reading this thought the exact same thing when you got your computer. We all fell for the ads that told us we would get out of the “paper jungle”. The ads told us we would do everything on the computer. That someday we would even phone each other and watch movies on the computer.


     So much of what they said has come to pass. We can talk to each other over the computer, we sit at our computer and watch movies, TV shows and sports. We get our news almost at the same instant it happens. The computer has simplified so much of our lives, but there is one area that even the computer can’t get a handle on.  Actually, it’s the computer that caused the problem. What am I talking about?  Papers, papers and more papers!! 


     As I sit here with my state of the art computer, I look around my office and see three huge bookcases and six file drawers all stuffed to the max with files and paperwork. This is by far more paperwork than I ever used to create prior to having my computer! How did this happen? I think I have figured it out.


      It was the greed of the printer and ink companies. They started selling printers to go with your computer. Or I should say, they gave them away. If you bought a computer, you got this great little gift “bundle” that always included a printer.  Now you had a way to print out every single thing you did on your computer, “just in case”.  Just in case the computer crashed. Just in case you needed an extra copy. Just in case you wanted to read it without having to turn on your computer. There were all sorts of excuses you started making up just to hear the clickity-click of the printer cranking out those reams of paper.


     All was good in the world. You had the best of both worlds. You had your computer that could do just about everything, and you had your printer that could make copies of it all! You started coping more and more and didn’t even realize it, but lurking somewhere out there was someone who did realize it—–the printer and ink companies. They saw your insatiable desire for more and more copies of anything and everything. They saw you going through those ink cartridges faster and faster. They said, hey, it’s not the printers we make a fortune on, it’s the ink!


     The ink prices started creeping up more and more until along came some smart business people who had enough of it. They invented the ink refill kits. WOW! I was so excited! No more worrying about “should I print this or not?” No more need to try to save ink.  If you ran out all you had to do was pull out your refill kit, refill the cartridge and keep on copying even more papers! Take that, you evil printer and ink companies, I have beaten you at your own game!


     For a while all seemed perfect in this world of computers, ink and papers. You read, copied and re-inked. What more could you ask out of life? You smirked as you realized you had come out on top of this little skirmish with the big boys. Little did you know that while you thought they had run off with their tails between their legs, they were hard at work devising a new plan.


     They invented a “smart chip” ink cartridge for the new printers. This little chip knows when it runs out of ink and will not let you refill it because the chip can’t be re-set.  Not to worry—all is not lost! Once again, our quick thinking ink using nation came up with chip decoders and chip re-setters. So take that, again you big business bullies! We’re on it!


     So goes the war between the big printer and ink companies and the rest of us. As hard as I try, I will never be organized because I can’t crawl out from under this pile of papers. But, I know I’m not alone in this. There are many others like me. You know who you are. We have this love-hate relationship with our papers and our stuff. Sometimes it’s a bane, sometimes it’s a security blanket, but always it’s ours…and maybe that’s why it’s so special to us.

grammarThis rant has been coming on for years and I have held my tongue, but I can’t keep silent any longer!

I am so sick of seeing the English language “bastarized” and misused. It seems everywhere you look on the internet, you find the use of improper grammar. When I opened my Sunday paper, yes an actual pulp and ink version, last Sunday and saw not one, not two, but three separate incidences of terrible grammer, it finally put me over the top. Let me also mention that my newspaper is not some hick town local rag, it’s the award-winning St. Petersburg Times.

I put much of the blame on spell check software because it seems as long as you spell the word correctly, the damn software will let you use the word anywhere…even where it doesn’t belong.

Example:  “As time worn on, they became noticed. They had wrote poetry, books….”

If you see nothing wrong with the example, even though I highlighted the problems, then you are who I am addressing with this rant! As I read the above piece further, it became clear that this was no spell check problem, but a problem with the writer, the editor and anyone else who read this piece prior to print.

Now don’t jump all over me saying I must be some snooty English professor, I’m certainly not that.  What I am is a writer of the English word, and the grammar in many of the pieces you find on the internet and in print today is absolutely atroceous!

As a professional writer, I know that the best way to connect with your reader is to “speak” in your normal voice in your writings. However, that statement assumes that you also speak properly. When you have a problem with words and then you form those improperly spoken words into the written word, it shows how badly lacking your skills as a writer are…and it shows just how terribly you speak as well! 

If you want to be taken seriously as a writer, learn the proper use of the English language!grammar_crackers_large_093807


s time worn on, they became noticed. They had wrote poetry, books,

Writers’ Roulette

writer2-thumb                                                       Writers Roulette……. 

Put your fingers on the keyboard and push!

It’s almost like having a gun to your head. Deadline looming, must write, can’t write, must think, can’t think. Editor’s face turning red as he watches the clock and looks at my blank computer screen. Sweat pouring down my face, hands clammy. Heart beats getting faster and louder. 

Oh, the joys of being a writer!

When people learn that I’m a writer they look at me with one of two looks–envy or pity. The envious ones think it’s a life of glamour; always meeting celebrities, traveling to exotic places, dining at the finest restaurants. The ones with the pity look on their faces think I am the poor soul who never made anything of her life; the starving writer who always thinks the great American novel is ready to jump out of her head at any moment but never materializes.

Actually, the life of a writer is no different than any other. We have goals we don’t meet, we have dreams yet to be fulfilled, we have families and obligations and we laugh, cry and scream just like anyone else. BUT, that ‘s where the similarity ends!

Unlike the other guys, we have an escape route. We can go off into our writers’ fantasy world and play with our thoughts; turning them into words, sentences, paragraphs and finally—-a story for others to enjoy or hate. It doesn’t matter which; only that we moved the reader to some emotion—good or bad.

I love my life of writing, cooking, travel and dining. As a food and travel writer, I have met wonderful people, eaten fabulous foods, traveled to exotic places and now I am able to use all this experience and knowledge to open my own little eatery…The Deli Diva!

Check it out at http://thedelidiva.wordpress.com.  Read about the trials and tribulations of opening a restaurant and follow me along on my journey as we get this place open and, hopefully, on it’s way to success!


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